story power.

We are a full-service video production and graphic design firm that specializes in telling your story - be it a brand, a promotion or a narrative. From script to screen, print or web, we can deliver your most compelling message.

Promotional Video

We retain only ten percent of what we read, but fifty percent or more of what we hear and see. If the most effective communication is aural/visual, why leave your message on the page? We'll take your idea, however vague or conrete, and turn it into your unique, memorable story. So speak powerfully!


Film Completed


Design Work

Pictures, thousands of words, your message, you get the idea. Let us design the perfect complement to your public image - be it a logo, a brochure, or a web page (and everything in between).


Portfolio Spotlight

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HouseLogix: Arclight Studios wrote, produced and posted all aspects of this promo video for HouseLogix, Inc., a Pennsylvania home technology solutions company.
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